What We Provide

  • All the bait, ice and tackle
  • All fishing licenses and permits
  • Fun and safe environment
What to Bring

  • Layered clothes
  • Food and Drinks in a cooler. Typically sandwiches, chips, pretzels, cookies along with water, sport drinks and sodas
  • Sneakers or boat shoes are preferred
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Sea sickness preparation
What Not to Bring

  • Glass bottles should be avoided. Illegal Drugs and Firearms – ZERO tolerance!!! The trip will end immediately and the authorities will be notified.
  • Keg of beer – while a few beers or a mixed drink is fine, drinking to excess will ruin the trip for everyone. If the safety of the passengers or crew are at risk, the Captain has the right to end the trip and return to the dock.
How Many People Can Go?

Due to USCG regulations, we are allowed to take up to six passengers on a charter trip (whether fishing or not).

Deposits and Payments

We accept cash or checks for the deposit to lock in your preferred date. PayPal and major credit cards can also be used, but will require a 5 percent surcharge to cover the fees.

First Mate and Tipping

Our rates do not include the tip for the mate. He is the hardest working member of the crew. It is customary in North Carolina to tip charter fishing mates 15% to 20%.

Sea Sickness

It happens to the best of us sometimes. If you are concerned you might get sick, here are some things to help. Don’t drink alcohol the night before. Do get a good night’s rest. Do eat breakfast, but avoid greasy food… donuts / bagels are good. Do bring a bottle or two of ginger ale. Do bring saltines, pretzels, or similar snacks. Don’t sit in the salon reading a book. Fresh air and looking at the horizon from the cockpit is best. Dramamine and Bonine are common meds and/or check with your family doctor.

Weather Cancellations

The Captain has the right to cancel any charter due to severe weather or the threat of severe weather. Your safety and enjoyment are our number one objective. In the case of cancellation at the Captain’s call, a full refund will be made or we can reschedule (your choice to refund or reschedule). Please always be prepared to show up at your scheduled time so that we can make the “call” at that time. Note, many times our coastal weather can be very fickle and change quickly. Some of our best fishing can happen when the weather changes and an unexpected trip can be run.

Fish Cleaning

Professional fish cleaning services are available back at the dock to clean your catch. Vacuum sealing and dry ice are available to keep your catch cold for your return home.

The Weather in Hatteras

Chance of Rain
Chance of Rain
Partly Cloudy
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